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恐ろしい狼男 (The Terrifying Wolf Man)

To celebrate the release of the shoes they designed in collaboration with the dutch footwear brand Hub, the french shop Obliq asked few artists (TRBDSGN, Monsta, Amose, Niark and me) to each make a 60x80cm illustration that will be exhibited in the shop and printed on t-shirts sold with the shoes.

Few days before the release party, TRBDSGN, Monsta and I painted a mural in the parisian bar Workshop that hosted the party.

(Pictures by Obliq, Nicolas Gzeley and Closed on Sunday. Videos by Closed on Sunday)


-------- MY ILLUSTRATION --------

60x80cm screen print on 320g beige paper.
Only 10 copies of each.
Printed in france by TTDMRT.
Buy here.



-------- THE MURAL --------


-------- RELEASE PARTY --------

Damage Festival

Poster design

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